Designed with the best practices, LS Ecommerce provides your customers with an effortless purchasing experience.
We'll hold your hand and guide you through the creation of your shop from start to finish.

What We Can Do For You

We specialise in supplying the small retailer with an end-to-end service from your first requirements for creating a shop through to making that vision turn into a functional shop, presenting your inventory in the optimum way, driving traffic with online marketing, user-behaviour analysis and conversion optimisation.

You need to only focus on what you know and do the best – your market sector, we take all the burden of the online know-how off your shoulders.

Shop Development

Design Collaboration

We work with you to discuss your preferences. We will go through your ideas and suggest the best way to realise those whether using existing themes, heavy or light tailoring of existing themes to a complete design from scratch.

Store Development

We use the market leaders in shopping cart software together with 20 years of in-house development experience to fulfil any requirement you might have.

Ecommerce Integration

Using API’s, we can extend functionality into the rest of your operation, e.g. warehouse management, 3rd party fulfilment house integration, POS integration etc.

Hosting And Support

If you wish, we can fully host your site in addition to providing ongoing support to ensure your site is as near to being continuously available for trading as possible.

Getting Your Shop Working

Online Marketing and SEO

Its common knowledge that having a website is only the beginning of the process of generating sales – the site needs traffic. With our 15 years of in-house experience in SEO and online marketing we will work with you to generate traffic to your website.

However, once that strategy has been formulated, it is an ongoing job to keep your site visible as search engines require a continuous flow of fresh material.

ECommerce SEO
Social Media SEO

Targeting Dynamic Content

Online shops by their very nature have dynamically generated content – your product inventory - this needs extremely careful targeting to make the most visibility within search engines.

The New Channels

With the advent of social media there has been an explosion of the channels which affect your online visibility and maximising your site’s ability to attract the right traffic is a job which requires specialist skills.

Refining And Analyising

Ongoing Marketing Activities

Once that strategy has been formulated, it is an ongoing job to keep your site visible as search engines require a continuous flow of fresh material.

User Behaviour Analytics and Conversion Optimisation

Having traffic is the essential first step but who those visitors are and what they do is the make or break of the whole e-retail event chain. By running analytics on user behaviour, we can provide constant feedback to you so we can keep the marketing strategy optimised.

ECommerce Conversion Optimisation

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